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Terms & Conditions


By placing an order for company registration or company secretarial work; the customer hereby authorize SMEZIM to act as company secretaries on their behalf. The customer also indemnify SMEZIM from any responsibility, mistakes or errors arising from incorrect information the customer has submitted to SMEZIM for actioning or any errors by the Registrar of Companies’ office.

Refunds Policy

Once an order has been received and paid for successfully and processing has started; there is NO REFUND of any sort for the monies paid by customer. A refund is only possible if funds have been successfully received by SMEZIM but processing of the order had not commenced. Any refunds will be processed less applicable banking/service charges including IMT taxes. Refunds will ONLY be sent back to the account which initiated the payment with the assistance of SMEZIM financial services providers. Refunds can only be initiated by the customer visiting SMEZIM offices and presenting a valid national identification document, and filing in the necessary paperwork to stop the processing of the order and to initiate the refund process.

Returns Policy

A customer shall only return their documentation to SMEZIM for corrections in cases where SMEZIM makes an error in executing a customer order. In such circumstances; SMEZIM shall incur the cost of correcting the customer documentation. Under no other circumstances will returns be acceptable.

Annual Returns Compliance Policy

For any orders placed for Company Secretarial work (with the exception of Custodial Services); it is the responsibility of the Members/Directors of the Company to ensure that Annual Returns are up-to-date and the Company has no arrears with the Registrar of Companies. If an order is placed and SMEZIM tries to process the order but is rejected/declined by the Registrar due to outstanding Annual Returns or arrears of any sorts with the Registrar of Companies; SMEZIM shall not be held liable for the failed lodging nor shall it refund paid monies in such instances.

Delivery Options

All orders placed shall be collected from SMEZIM Offices in Harare at the address given under the Contacts page.

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