As part of the objectives of improving the ease of doing business in Zimbabwe, the One-stop borders posts project was launched a few weeks ago in the capital city, and Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) is a key part of the team tasked to implement the project.

Speaking while officially opening an African Customs Technical meeting yesterday, Zimbabwe Revenue Authority acting Commissioner General, Mr Happias Kuzvinzwa, said the one-stop border post concept will improve trade within the continent. “One of the many ways to achieve the cognitive level of co-operation to improve on trade facilitation is the implementation of the one-stop border posts, which have the potential to improve the smooth flow of traffic at crossing points, as well as cutting down on the costs associated with the moving of goods across the borders,” said Mr Kuzvinzwa. He applauded the critical role being played by the Customs Technical Working Groups saying, this will help the integration of Africa’s markets and improvement of trade which will serve more effectively as an instrument for the attainment of rapid and sustainable socio-economic development.

The one-stop border post concept is already in practice at the Chirundu One-Stop Border Post crossing between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Under the one-stop border post scheme launched in 2009, travellers from Zimbabwe and Zambia are being cleared just once when travelling to either side of the border. This is in contrast with the previous situation where travellers had to be cleared on both sides of the border. This has had a positive impact in improving the smooth flow of traffic at Chirundu One-Stop Border Post, as well as cutting down on the costs associated with the moving of goods across the border.” 

SOURCE: The Herald