It seems the worst has come to the worst as bank queues are getting longer each and every day with Zimbabweans now hoping that the bond notes will solve their cash problems when they are introduce later on this month. The situation is so bad that depositors have resorted to sleeping outside the banking hall in the hope that they will get the illusive dollar on the following morning.

SMEZIM spoke to one Mai Jose from Ngezi who has been camping at Central African Building Society (CABS) since Sunday and hopes to withdraw the $150 in her account and head back home by end of Wednesday. “I came here on Sunday late afternoon armed with a blanket and a few foodstuffs to withdraw my wages” Mai Jose said. Mai Jose works as a security guard at a school in Ngezi and here company deposits her wages into her CABS account. We asked her if it was possible for her to use her card for payments instead of coming to hustle for cash in Harare to which she responded; “I stay in the rural areas where the card is useless and CABS is not linked to Ecocash, and besides, the Ecocash agents in my area have no cash.”

CABS Depositors sleeping on pavement

The above sad picture has been circulating on social media showing depositors of Central African Building Society (CABS) sleeping on the pavements of Simon V Muzenda Street (formerly 4th Street). It is a sad case which to many reminds them of the ghost of 2008 where life almost came to a stand still because of failed government policies. Cash was hard to come by and food stuffs were directly imported by people from Botswana and South Africa. Could we be heading into a déjà vu?