ZB Financial Holdings Limited (ZBFH) is the parent company of a group of companies, proffering a diverse range of financial services which entail the following: mortgage finance, corporate banking, retail banking, international banking, infrastructure & project finance, asset finance, international business trade & finance, life assurance, short term insurance, reinsurance, transfer secretarial & custodial services, cash in transit services, property management and property development. The evolution of ZBFH is expounded as follows:

  • 1951- Netherlands Bank of South Africa (NBSA) opens a branch in Salisbury (Harare);
  • 1952- Second branch opened in Bulawayo;
  • 1967- Nine branches operating in the country. NBSA sells to Netherlands Bank of Rhodesia (NBR) and obtained a listing on the stock exchange;
  • 1972- Changed name from NBR to Rhodesia Banking Corporation (RBC);
  • 1979- Changed name from RBC to Rhobank;
  • 1981- Changed name from Rhobank to Zimbabwe Banking Corporation (ZIMBANK);
  • 1989- Restructured bring all subsidiaries and associates (Scotfin, Sybank, Sytrust and Zimbank) under one investment holding company, Zimbabwe Financial Holdings Limited (FINHOLD);
  • 2006- Changed name from FINHOLD to ZBFH;
  • 2016- 65 years, 65 branches and more than 10,000 agents countrywide.