Today in a circular to its members, CIMAS urged it members not to comply with Corporate 24 debt collectors should they come knocking on their door. Corporate 24 alleges that CIMAS has failed to honour certain claims it has lodged with the health-care funder between 2014 and now amounting to $500,000 in total. On the other hand CIMAS accuses Corporate 24 of filling illegitimate and inflated claims against its member. In the circular CIMAS wrote:

‘Should you receive any demand for payment from Corporate 24 contact us urgently on our 24 hour hotline…so that we verify the correct position and advise you on the course of action.’ In their circular CIMAS informed its members that they have paid Corporate 24 all their dues up to 29 March 2016. The circular further mentioned: ‘Meanwhile all attendances at Corporate 24 must be paid in cash by Members and claim forms submitted for reimbursement. Any changes to this position will be communicated to you directly by CIMAS.’ This circular reflects the heightening tensions between the two which is currently before the High Court of Zimbabwe. CIMAS has engaged South African auditors Grant Thornton to look into the disputed claims and the report will be used in the court arguments for a final judgement so that the hatchet can be buried once and for all.